Seychelles – To each his island

Seychelles have 3 main islands Mahe, Praslin la Digue and many other smaller ones.

What you need to know is that every island has it’s own character.



The main island is Mahè, all the main airlines company land here, Turkish Airlines, Emirates and Ethiopian airlines, so if you’re like or not you got to go trough Mahè at some point to reach all other isalnds.

For Seychellois Mahè has it all, it’s where everyone goes shopping and have they’re big nights out so if you ask a creole what’s in Mahè they will say: everything!

As soon as you land, you’ll realize that Mahè has little to offer compared to what europeans are accustomed to.

Victoria is the capital of Seychelles, the smallest in the world, but traffic can get worst than Milan.

To visit the island you’ll need some kind of transport, bus, car or taxi. I recomend moving around by car it will take you anywhere you want and it’s a lot cheaper than getting a cab, just remember to drive on the left.

To visit the island you need about 3 to 5 days, so to enjoy the great coral beaches and the fresh mountains.

In Mahè you can find hotels, b&b and guest houses, they won’t be cheap, even the  low quality guest house can cost you around 50 euros per night.

Mahè is for anyone who loves great beaches but doesn’t like being isolated so much.



Praslin is the second “biggest” island of Seychelles. This island is mainly known for three great beaches Anse Lazio, Anse Gerorgette and La Cot d’Or. But Praslin isn’t only beaches, one of the most uniques forest in the world is here Coco de mer forest. If you never heard of coco de mer, it’s a giant coconut that’s only found in Seychelles and nowhere else so it’s worth a visit.

To move on Praslin you can rent a car, use buses or taxis, just like in Mahè. Renting a car is a little more expensive compared to the main island but more convenient than getting a cab. Getting a bus is a very characteristic thing to do and very cheap so i recommend to try it at least once, only problem is that buses won’t take you everywhere. For example if you’re going to Anse Lazio, you’ll have to get off at Anse Boudin and walk half an hour in the sun.

Praslin is not famous for it’s night life, actually a night walk in Seychelles isn’t something that locals do, shops at night are mostly closed and there’s no actual pedestrian zone where you can walk.

If you wanna try Seychelles night life you can go at Oxygen club at Baia S.Anna. Most locals of any age, that want’s to be cool goes there, put you’re good clothes on and get ready to dance till sunrise.

Between all three island, Praslin is the one that has less to offer. A lot of people stay in Praslin and they go for a day visit in La Digue, i think it’s better the other way round.

La Digue


This is where my heart belongs. Now it’s very touristy but La Digue is a wonderful island.

Very few cars, bicycle is the best way to get around.

You can easily go around the island in a day and you’ll love every little bit. There are crazy beaches with rough sea and great white coral beaches for snorkeling and the cherry on the cake? Anse Source d’argente, a magnificent place, that will take you’re breath away, try to visit it early in the morning to fully enjoy his beauty.  


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