What to expect from Seychelles

Seychelles, can’t find anywhere better to get started.

I’ve got to say, a year ago after working as a waitress, who would have thought that i would work in one of the most beautiful and desired islands in the world. 

Likely they chose me, a day like any other, i got an e-mail with a specific description about the job they where offering me and that said – we think that an experience in Seychelles would be good for you’re CV.

So, in the previous few months, I was litterly sending CV’s everywhere looking for jobs. Not that i hated my lovely Lucca, but when you got to go, you got to go.

Without thinking about it to much i bought a dozen costumes put theme in a suitcase and i was ready to go!

I spent six months in Seychelles, working as a Guest Relation Manager in a four stars hotel, on Praslin island and what i’ve learned is that most of the people who book a holiday in Seychelles doesn’t have clue of where they’re going. 

First thing you need to know is that Seychelles are expensive. There’s a lot of couples on they’re honey moon, so prices are pretty high, forget cheap street food, free stuff to do and cheap hotels.

To be honest, i think my point of view of Seychelles is a bit distorted and maybe wrong. Most of the time there i was dealing with customers and not really seeing much of the beauty around me.

Seychelles are not just palm trees, beaches and sun. Those island are unspoiled nature that has to be admired and respected. Seychelles will blind you with her beauty and leave you breathless!


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