Usually, when someone decides to travel for a long period of time, it’s a good idea to plan you’re trip long time before you leave, what we did was slightly different.

As soon as we arrived in Wellington, after a tour of New Zealand Northern island, with our small amount of savings we decided to organize a much desired trip in South East Asia.

The time to organize such a trip was very limited. The room that we rented was available for only one week and due to NZ high prices it was to expensive to stop longer without working. So we started the South East Asia attack plan straight away!

pura tana lot

But how did we get it done?

First thing you need to ask you’re selfs is “which cities would i like to visit?”. After that check which are the must see places and where they are just to have a few fixed points on you’re trip. Another very useful tip is to find out the days to stop in each place, so you won’t have to spend too much time in a boring city with no interesting sites or not spending enough time in a more stimulating one.

Once the choice is made, setting up a date is the next step. Be patient, grab a pen and paper and start researching how to get around the various places and spots. A good website to use is Skyscanner, it has many combination of flights and other transportation all around the world. 

petronas tower

Make a schedule with dates and destinations and start looking for the first plane to book. We departed from Wellington towards Kuala Lumpur. We chose KL because it’s the capital of Malaysia and has one of the biggest airports in Asia well connected. Many Asian company fly from and to KL. It means there’s a lot of cheap flights and we all like those.


Don’t panic.

Sometimes you might have a bit of a problem, like finding only flights that are too expensive or very cheap that go to you’re destination, but take the long way round. Don’t panic! Write down what you find and keep looking, eventually something will come up.



What we recommend is to write down all the days you planned to travel. Then specify on each day a schedule on that date. By doing this everything will be under control and of easy access. Remember: sometimes bus, train or boat are a very good way to get around.

This is the most difficult task, but eventually you’ll master it!



So now that we have all of our flights and destinations decided it’s time to book some Hotels. Not always a good idea to book in advance but if you’re going to Asia you never know where you’ll end. Doing a little research is not bad, just for the quality of the lodge you might sleep in. The budget wasn’t really high, so no four stars hotel for us. If you check the ratings, pretty good deals are available. As long as you use most of the reservation can be cancelled with no added cost. This makes it easy to book hotels and make a plan but also easy if you change your mind .

travel hanoi

Once the travel plan is done, it’s good habit to keep in mind all the various places you’d like to see. Keep a small agenda with all the information about the places you visit per day. Knowing where to go and what to see makes it easier to control you’re trip.

Crossing 6 countries it’s a very demanding task and needs adaptation spirit and an open mind. Mainly to be organized!!

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