Cosa vedere in Nuova Zelanda

New Zealand – best spot in the north island

All the best spot you can’t miss in a road trip in the unspoiled New Zealand. check them out!


new zealand wellington

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, very modern and with a vibrant atmosphere, similar to a european city, full of places of interest and beautiful surroundings. Cuba Street is the hearth of the city, full of shops and restaurants with many bars to stop and have a drink.

Situated in the southern region of the northern island, it’s a great connection with the  other mainland, where you can easily catch a ferry.

So planning to work or visit New Zealand? A trip to Wellington is something not to miss!


new zealand hobbiton

If Bilbo Baggins is one of your favorite characters or if you’v seen The Lord of The Rings at least ten times, visiting “Hobbiton” is a must.

The Shire is reproduced with every detail and it captures the atmosphere of one of the best movies of all time.

Getting to Hobbiton is quite easy, if you have a car, what we recommend, to reach The Shire, is stopping for a night in Matamata a small village 3 km from Aukland. From there a short drive in the green hills it’s is needed to reach the small hobbit village. 

If you wanna know more about our visit to Hobbiton click here.


new zealand

New Zealand will stun you with is beautiful green unspoiled scenery. 

The Volcanic Valley is crossed by a long road that will reveal wonderful views, get you’re camera out and have a look around!


new zealand wai o tapu

An unreal magic atmosphere surrounds Wai-O-Tapu, with is bright colors and it’s natural volcanic wonders like the Champagne Pool (in the picture above).

The name”Waiotapu” in Maori language means “sacred waters”: in their culture nature is associated with a mystical wonder.

This park is situated pretty close to Rotorua. The area is full of natural attractions: fumaroles, geyser, hot springs, bubbling mud puddles and craters with sulfur deposit that create an unreal colorful effect, like the Devil’s Bath with a disturbing acid green.


new zealand Huka falls

If you follow the river Waikato at some point you’ll encounter the Huka falls, a series of powerful waterfalls. Right before it descends, the river enters a volcanic rock shell that tightens up the river bed from a 100 m wide to a 15 m canyon. That is the equivalent (on a bigger scale) of water in a high pressure tube passing trough a small nozzle. The origin of such a canyon is due to the sediment from lake Taupo’s bottom, that came from volcanic eruptions. The water volume that flows trough the waterfall is 220.00 liters per second.

Don’t miss it! 


new zealand Hawke's Bay

In the hearth of Hawke’s Bay there’s a great vineyard with wonderful wines.

Church Road is a famous wine brand in New Zealand and once we’ve tasted their products, we understood why. Visiting the cellar door and dining in his suggestive restaurant it’s a very enjoyable experience.


new zealand castelpoint

Castlepoint it’s a small town on the Wairarapa coast about an hour drive from Masterton’s city centre.

Not many people visit this wonderful place, that’s why walking all the way to the lighthouse is very relaxing and it will give you great views over the ocean just don’t get too close!


new zealand Rotorua

As we said earlier the area that surrounds Rotorua is full of great geothermic parks. In this case the park is very close to the city center with a free entry!! In fact it’s simply a public park if it wasn’t for the sulfuric lake, the smoking muddy waters and the many sulfur deposit that characterize this nature wonder!


new zealand auckland

When you find yourself in the center of Aukland, it’s hard to imagine that only a few km away there’s a wonderful park like this one, our favorite place to relax!

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