cosa mettere in valigia per un viaggio in thailandia

What to pack for Thailand

So, you’re about to leave and don’t know what to bring?


Here are some useful tips on what to pack for Thailand, leaving all the useless stuff behind you!


Backpack or suitcase?

Clearly I prefer a backpack, especially if visiting various cities, makes easier to move around and, having free hands, makes other things possible (using maps, eating food while walking etc.). I like to organize my things in different bags one for t-shirts, one for shoes, one for underwear etc.  A suitcase is more recommended if stopping in just one city and planning to not move around too much.


What type of clothes to bring?

Keep in mind that in Thailand getting cold it’s pretty rare, my advise is to bring light clothes, but because the heat is really strong Thais tend to be not very moderate with the use of air con, a couple of sweatshirts and a rain coat may save the day when jumping  in a freezing cold taxi in Bangkok or getting soaked in that nice monsoon rain.   

One other thing to keep in mind is that when visiting sacred temples you must have your legs and shoulders covered, so a pair of light trousers or long skirts will guarantee stress free access to most temples. As a general advice I recommend to bring a small amount of clothes (more or less half the amount of clothes that usually is needed for your average travel), a light backpack is much better, there are many laundry services to use in the the various cities, it’s cheap and your clothes will be cleaned and ironed in a short period of time.

Just to be safe bring an extra backpack, a smaller one that you can carrie around while visiting. Of course! Don’t forget sunglasses and a hat (sunscreen is a must as well)!


Which shoes to bring?

Expect long walks and extremely hot weather! A pair of trekking shoes or sandals will come in useful (something like birkenstock) and a pair of thongs if planning on going to the beach or having a close encounter with elephants.


And your beauty case?

 Thailand is pretty much a civilized nation where you can find basically everything you need. 7/11 are open 24h a day which gives an opportunity to buy shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste etc. So if by any chance, you leave with an empty beauty case, no worries, you could buy everything once you’re there, but still, I reccomend to bring at least a sunscreen, an aftersun cream in case you get sun burnt, mosquitoes repellent and after bite cream.


Which medicine to bring?

Well, pretty obvious, antidiarrhoids is what you need, eating this, nibbleing that, who knows how your body reacts, better stay safe and bring plenty. That’s the main one, also bring some vitamins, milk enzimes, paracetamol, some painkillers and thermometer.

That’s all about you need, just be sure you pack everything for your Thai Trip!!!

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