The Best Markets of Thailand

As we all know Thailand is famous for his many markets, that everyday and every night makes the streets come to life.


Which are the best markets of Thailand?

Crossing 5 nations (Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia), it’s pretty easy to encounter a lot of markets, but only a few are worth visiting, for sure nobody can beat the Thais!! 

Flower Market (Bangkok)

 The Best Markets of Thailand

Opening days: everyday 24h/24h

Vote: 3/5

Il Pak Klong Talad it’s the biggest flower whole sale market in Bangkok. Along side one of the old city roads, close to the Memorial Bridge, hundreds of colorful stands catch the eye on Chak Phet Road day and night.

Being so close to the Grand Palace and the Memorial Bridge this market is easy to reach and worth a visit. 


Sampeng Lane (Bangkok)

 The Best Markets of Thailand

Opening days: everyday (early morning till sunset)

Vote: 3/5

This market extends for about 1 Km in the heart of China Town in Bangkok. In the past it was a whole sale market, but now it’s a must visit for many people that are in the capital .

Of course being in China Town there are many clothes and electronic material you can buy and last but not least some very nice street food!

Chatuchak Market (Bangkok)

Opening days: Friday (18.00-24.00) Saturday and Sunday (9.00-18.00)

Vote: 5/5

Chatuchak Market, known also as the weekend market, is about 30 minute from Bangkok CBD with the BTS (Sky train).

It was once known only by the local wholesalers, but now it’s one of the major markets in the whole city, surely one of the biggest, it extends on a 112.00 square meters with 8.000 stands!

It’s possible to find plenty of products, joulery, plants, furnishings, clothing, vintage clothing, ecc. and if you’re lucky enough a good deal is just around the corner.

We recommend to spend at least 4/5 hours to visit the market.

Like in every other Thai market they’ll be plenty of street food stands, don’t worry about lunch or dinner, you won’t starve!

Khao San Road Market

Opening days: Every night

Vote: 2/5

Khao San road is the most popular backpacker street. At night many tourist invade the road looking for fun and good time, that mix up with the stands with mostly bad quality clothing, fake branded objects and any other thing you can fit in you’re backpack.

It’s not a market that we recommend but if you’re looking for a cheap souvenir that’s the place to go.


Bang Lan Night Market (Ayutthaya)

The Best Markets of Thailand

Opening days: Everyday (from 5 till 22)

Vote: 4/5

The nigh market  in Ayutthaya is one of the best culinary markets that we had encountered in Thailand. After a long and exhausting walk trough the ancient ruins of the old Thai capital a food covered street it’s what you desire the most!

From lovely skewers to strange fried cockroaches, sweet, salty, sweet and sour, Ayutthaya’s market has everything to satisfy you’re greed. 

Sukhothai Night Market (Sukhothai)

The Best Markets of Thailand

Opening days: Friday and Saturday (From 5 till 22). Only February till May

Vote: 5/5

The most spectacular market with the perfect location.

This small Thai street food market is amazing, located in front of the Wat Sa Si, it offers a wide choice of northern Thai cuisine. The best thing to do is enjoy these delicacies at sunset, we did it and it was one of the best experience we had in Thailand!

Sunday Night Market Walking Street (Chiang Mai)

 The Best Markets of Thailand

Opening days: Sunday (From Sunday to Midnight)

Vote: 4/5

Chiang Mai’s market is very impressive. Every Sunday the main street inside the old walls of this beautiful northern Thailand city fills up with a series of infinite stands.

The market is very peculiar, you can find any kind of product, but the difference between others is that every stand sells very original products, they’re not all the same (has it happens in asian markets). Don’t miss the street food square, right in front of a temple, prepare to taste delicious dishes at a very reasonable price, in a typical chaotic asian atmosphere.

Night Bazar (Chiang Mai)

Opening days: everyday except Sunday (From 6 to 23)

Vote: 3/5

The night Bazar in Chiang Mai is situated slightly outside the walls of the old city. Many of the stands here are similar to the Sunday Night Market Walking Street, not as peculiar but still nice.

Haergee Sanpakoi Market (Chiang Mai)

The Best Markets of ThailandOpening days: 

Vote: 3/5

If you like mixing up with locals we advice to check out Haergee Sanpakoi Market, small compared to others with chines style stands, with only Thai people buying and selling.

Here it’s possible to find some nice local products from northern Thailand like Sai-Aua (ไส้อั่ว sausage), Nam-prik-num (น้ำพริกหนุ่ม chili paste) and some good quality the.

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