cosa vedere a ubud

All you can’t miss in Ubud

Bali it’s a wonder for the eyes. A place full of history and spirituality that will enchant you in every corner you’ll encounter.

On the web it’s possible to find many lists of things to do in Bali, but many times we didn’t agree, so now I’ll make ours!


Here all you can’t miss in Ubud:

Number 1 – You must rent a scooter

All you can't miss in Ubud

The best thing about Bali it’s all the exploring you can do, so renting a scooter is the best way to get around, so you won’t miss all of those great little hidden places in this beautiful island. Finding a rental scooter is really simple, often hotels and b&b have this service, so check what’s available and the price, which is usually cheap, about 5 euros a day!

Number 2 – Visit Pura Tanah Lot Temple

All you can't miss in Ubud

Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most fascinating temples in the island. Unfortunately it’s always packed with tourist and vendors, despite that it’s really worth the hassle for at least a half day visit. The view that surrounds you is rich and breathtaking, cliffs that dive straight in to the ocean where high and majestic waves crash on to the sharp and pointy rocks.


Number 3 – Pura Tirta Empul

All you can't miss in Ubud

Pura Tirta Empul it’s one of the most spiritual temples in Ubud. There’s not too many people around and many worshippers that come here to pray and dive in to the sacred water, which is really interesting to observe.


Number 4 – Lunch in the rice fields at Sari Organik

All you can't miss in Ubud

Not often you’ll find you’re selfs walking in a pathway that crosses several rice fields just to reach a restaurant. That’s why Sari Organik is a great place to have you’re lunch. Fresh and exotic dishes, fresh fruit smoothies and a nice wine. Everything is grown and produced locally that’s what Sari has to offer, great and fresh choices!


Number 5 – Visit the rice field near Ubud

All you can't miss in Ubud

The Tegalalang are the most famous rice fields in Bali, surely the most spectacular, that’s why many tourists go there. Our advice is to get you’re scooter and explore other less known rice fields that are as beautiful, you won’t regret that.


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